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One person can only take so much...

I was gone for a while because my mother didn't pay her internet bill -.- which of course meant all my course work fell behind and I was unable to come online. First world problems eh? I mean I'm grateful for having a house and such things but at the same time we online people live in a world were internet is also vital ... I mean for me anyway. I have no real friends to hangout with (in the sense they only contact me when all else fails) and I have college and my little boy to think of so really I don't have time for other people, so having no internet to turn back on is almost hell.

As you can probably tell I have not been having that all of a good time. Update on birthday? two of the the 5 people that even showed up for my birthday (one being my sister as my other sister had a 25th birthday to attend on the same night as my 21st which is a big deal) they point blank got up and left without even telling me and then when confronted on it they had the lamest excuses I have ever heard of.

On top of that I am on a waiting list for temporary accommodation because I am technically homeless and I have been for six months now. My and my fiancé had made plans to move in together and I went through all the procedures necessary for that and now he's informed me (After making all these plans with me, i don't want anyone to get the wrong end of the stick here) that he's leaving in september to go to Leed's music University (Which again would have been fine if he hadn't of made all these plans with me first). I' getting sick of everyone and everything. I have lost no weight ! only gained! a hell of a lot and that is making just not see the point anymore. I can't cope and basically what everyone needs , as a sign of reaching out for help, is for me to open a vein in front of them (Which my mother would probably complain about the blood I would be getting on her floor). I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Then tonight my "fiancé", as loving and caring as he is and had made plans with me yesterday to eat dinner with me and get me my dinner, went with three girls he doesn't know (two of which I can't stand as one made the point of saying "Your pregnant at 16 what has that baby got to look forward to?" )and getting dinner with them leaving him waking into my mums house at 8:00'0'clock. TOO LATE TO EAT! and he knows this!?!?!?!? now he can't understand why I'm beyond angry with him !

And I got my period.

I hope all you lovely ladies are having a great day ! Sorry for the long rant I needed to get that out there. my other groups with more than likely get a similar (if not the same as I can't be bothered to even type I'm that low) post.

Stay Strong
A x
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