run4skinny (run4skinny) wrote in edxnos,


I was pretty nervous to go away for the weekend with my husband and my goal of trying not to worry about calories and such. But somehow we had a truly great weekend. I have been so focused on my body and the gym and work an internship and school that I managed to forget my husband. I forgot his needs and our relationship. We had a great weekend focusing on each other, getting lost in each other. We had so much fun!!
I did take my diet pills and such all weekend but somehow I let go of counting calories.

But at this point. I'm ready to be back on track! I have meal prepped for tomorrow and am focused. I have a good workout going for me tomorrow. I have TRX at 10am but I'll be going in at 9am doing cardio until 10 then working out more after TRX. I'll be restricting heavily the next week. The guilt and regret is setting in. :( I had such a great weekend I don't want to get down now. But I am. Trying to stay so positive and stay on this happy feeling I have. But my stomach is so full and I feel like puking. Ugckh.

Time for bed before i start doing things I'll really regret. Night ladies hope everyone had a good weekend.

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