claviclefat (claviclefat) wrote in edxnos,

Here we go again

I've decided to start taking phentermine again. I used it a few years back and got great results from it. The only problem is it's pretty expensive and I only have 48 halves left. We'll see how long this lasts. Anyone else use this? Also I've decided to go back to being vegan. Been vegetarian for about 8 years. I need to get down to at least 116 by March 7th because I'm dancing in a show where there's partnering and revealing outfits so I'm freaking out!
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I've taken the stuff before, but tbh I'd rather take speed. It's pretty much the same stuff just pharmacy 'safe' Not that I am down with drugs anyhow (used to take them a fair bit recreationally) actually just did have them this wkend for the first time in 6 months but the after effects are awful. I do like the weight loss, but don't like losing my mind from the speed type diet pills.

I've never eaten red meat, I class myself as mostly vegetarian as I occasionally have chicken and fish. Have thought about going vegan as well, but there's so much that is cut out to do it 'properly' I'm pretty sensitive to dairy, so cutting that down isn't too bad but still enjoy the low fat low cal yoghurts.

Understandable with freaking out about big events eek! Do you mind me asking how much you need to lose to get there? Also, can't believe it's almost March! Where has the year gone...Stay safe anyhow, I hope you don't get too many side effects from the phen xx
Thanks! I can't believe it's almost march either! It's hard to be vegan, and so far I have been failing at that too. I guess you just have to stick to what works for you you know.
I need to lose anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds. This morning I gained 2 lbs back and freaked out. Ended up buying more diet pills on top of then phen and diuretics. I really hope this freak out doesn't end up putting me in the hospital.
Anyway stay positive!
That happens to me too, gain a kg overnight and think HOWWW. And totally freak out :-/ Definitely have to stick with what works for us, it is different for everyone. I still want to lose 20lbs, which isn't that safe.. but yeah, it happens. about 10 by April would be amazing, if I could handle taking the phen I totaly would as bad as that sounds. Hope you're doing ok xox